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I do not know why I so love with this song."Beautiful Girl" from the first I heard this song was so happy .... maybe because of love or just like his lyrics.

Hmmm....beautiful girl lagu yang di nyanyikan oleh "Jose mary chan" merupakan lagu favorit aku.Sebenernya masih banyak lagi lagu yang aku suka tapi kalau lagu ini banyak banget kenangannya,sampai-sampai gara-gara lirik lagu ini aku pernah dapetin cewek "girl friend" hahahaha....(lucu se)tapi ya itulah memory/kenangan aku dulu.

This is Lyrics

Beautiful girl, wherever you are
I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door
I knew that I’d love again after a long, long while
I’d love again.

You said “hello” and I turned to go
But something in your eyes left my heart beating so
I just knew that I’d love again after a long, long while
I’d love again.

Refrain :
It was destiny’s game
For when love finally came on
I rushed in line only to find
That you were gone.

Whenever you are, I fear that I might
Have lost you forever like a song in the night
Now that I’ve loved again after a long, long while
I’ve loved again.

*Repeat Refrain

Beautiful girl, I’ll search on for you
‘Til all of your loveliness in my arms come true
You’ve made me love again after a long, long while
In love again
And I’m glad that it’s you
Hmm, beautiful girl.

nah coba deh di artikan ke bahasa indonesia hhmmmm...pasti keren kan..dalem baget itu lagu...


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